Soytaş Group Ana Sayfa


Founded in 1999, Soytas Group is so famous not only in Turkey also in the world with its services in the sector. It has become the leader company in the production of sandwich panel of PVC for doors. In the improving and changing process, Soytas Group produces stylish, functional, esthetical, economical PVC Decorative Door Panels and Flat Sandwich Panels. We always continue to tender solutions to make your places to be more comfortable.

As filling material, XPS and if required PLYWOOD is applied by under the brands of Panadur and STP Panel. Our products have the feature of protection from dust, wind, sun, rain and snow. Thus PANADUR and STP Panel brands have become the expedient company in a short period of time. At the same time, we produce Aluminium Panel with specific order. Once again if required, instead of PVC we can apply white and wooden designs with HPL.

Panadur Extra Products which are the newer concepts of our company is for our customers who are more selective, more rigorous and looking for upscale. We have the opportunity to reach every kind of consumer with the Panadur Extra Panels.

Our company produces PVC Decorative Door Panels and Flat Sandwich Panels in our İstanbul-Hadımköy factory which has a 13.000 m2 closed area and 5.000 m2 open area.

Soytas Group is 35 km away from Ataturk Airport, 25 km away from Ambarlı Port and 30 km from Halkalı Custom House. Soytas Group is located in a very strategical place, therefore we meet the expectations of our customer’s very fast by completing export business in a short time.

Soytas Group increases its investments every year as an company which adopts quality as a principle. In our Machine Park, we have CNC cutting machines, CNC sizing, trimming machines, fully automatic Termoform machines, Cold Presses and assembly line. Thus with these equipments of our factory we keep producing panels in high level of capacity.

We contribute Turkish economy by exporting 80 % of our product. With brand of Panadur we sell products to 36 different countries. Soytas Group has 87 dealerships in domestic market with the name of STP PANEL.

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